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Os offers eco-friendly landscape services for your residential, & commercial property.

Environmentally Friendly Landscape Design, Installation, and maintenance.

Landscape Design & Installation

Organic Solutions encourages the use of plants that are naturally suited to the average rainfall and local climate of South Florida. The practice of utilizing native plants…Learn More.

Environmentally Friendly landscape design, installation, and maintenance in Stuart, Florida

Landscape Maintenance

Our comprehensive landscape maintenance program is deliberately focused on reducing or eliminating waste and adverse environmental impact while enhancing overall value and service…Learn More.

Environmentally Friendly Pest Control and Fertilization in Stuart, Fl.

Fertilization & Pest Control

Utilizing the proper native plants reduces fertilizer and pesticide needs which adds up to big savings in time, and money, as well as…Learn More.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is a word that is often used but largely misunderstood. To Organic Solutions “sustainability” comes down to one very basic principle… It means creating healthy landscapes that improve the quality of the environment, make economic sense, and result in beautiful places for people to gather and enjoy their families, friends and neighbors. Environmentally friendly landscaping solutions…Learn More.

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Organic Solutions is doing its part by building a better business through effective environmental practices. Organic Solutions takes pride in being, and promoting Platinum Membership in the International Sustainability Council and Audubon Lifestyles. This coalition of 501c3 non-profits and initiatives is collectively referred to as ISC-Audubon.